The app was made to a startup that helps local farmers sell their produce to consumers. It receives orders from clients, sources the products from local farms, and then delivers the products to the clients each week. The clients pay $80 per month to receive their basket of fresh vegetables delivered to their home.

Design Challenge

Currently, the startup only has a web platform to take orders from clients. How the startup is expanding, they are looking to develop a mobile app to simplify the ordering process. The first step is to design the signup form to onboard new customers.

Research & Understanding

Understanding the needs to be solved and research about the user persona and define strategies to solve their frictions.

Wireframe & Prototype

Based on the user journey created, I designed sketches, created wireframes, and low and high-fidelity mockups.

Visual Design, Animation and Assets

Implementation of the images, colors, and fonts chose, create animations and all the assets (ex. videos, illustrations)

As a new client, the user needs to create a username and password, provide basic information, and enter payment data to quickly pay for the basket in the future. On this step, my main focus was to just get the main information from the user to do the onboarding and sign-up easy, fast, and intuitive (most of the users don't have so much patient so having a fast process is essential).

To do that I based myself on existing food delivery apps on the market and their user flows and I combined them with the app and user needs. I created a middle step successful page for the user to decide if would like to save the shipping and payment information during the account registration or if would like to go directly to browse the products (this information will be asked if necessary during the basket delivery schedule).

The choice of the colors was based on the colors of the vegetables and the happy mood that they bring. The colors theory and psychology were applied to give the user a friendly impression and arouse emotions like:


energy and excitement


imagination and sensitivity


safety and relaxing


optimism and creativity


happiness and positivity

The font choice for the logo was a type that brings a handmade, artisan idea, and a warm feeling that matches with the app concept. For the app I choose a rounded, clean, and easily readable typeface to match with the handmade style font.

Based on the user journey created and sign up basic information required I designed the wireframes.

The strategy behind this merchandising page was: facilitate the onboarding process and introduce the user to the service provided by the app in a way that the user can really see what happens, how the vegetables are cultivated and cared, see the delivery and bring an appetite to the user be motivated to subscribe. The user can easily skip the video.I created a commercial with an elegant European voice to bring familiarity to the user (thinking that we are in Montreal).

* Organic Farm Montreal deliver fresh and organic vegetables from farms to you.

* Our farmers take care of the products and deliver it to your house at you convenience.

* Every week, fresh and organic high-quality products to your table.

For the user interface, I followed the colors that I set early, I applied a very colorful, happy, and inspiring feeling, and differentiation between the sections of the forms in a visual way through the change of the colors.

I created a high-fidelity clickable prototype to simulate the interactions and animations for the app development.

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